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Top 12 Bestselling Paw Patrol Toys available on Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart, the leading monopolist in retail sector, is an important part of our lives for over half a century now. It is considered to be the powerhouse of retailing industry and has around 8400 stores all around the world. Every 1 out of 10 people around you will be a loyal consumer of Wal-Mart. This mega retailer sells products at the lowest prices and beats all of its competitors on this ground.  I was  trying to shop Pony tail Extensions” from walmart and I realized that  shopping from Wal-Mart has become the most-liked thing of kids globally as it has got a vast collection of their favorite paw patrol toys. You will find all kinds of toys, varying from biggest to smallest and expensive to cheap. The store is open for all classes of people so that now kids of well settled and less fortunate families can get paw patrol toys Wal-Mart from the same place. If your kid loves toys and you want to know where to buy paw patrol toys, Wal-Mart is the best place to shop from. It is now very easy to get your desired toys from wal-mart at very reasonable costs.  This article will help you in getting the best toys for your children. Top 4 paw patrol toys at Wal-Mart are as follows:


  1. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol

Teaching kids about teamwork, adventure and bravery is important for them to grow up into better and fun human beings. Learning is always effective when it comes from physical or visual objects and this nickelodeon PAW Patrol serves the purpose right. It comes with fine quality sounds and pumps the energy level of kids. This toy set comes along with working wheels and an extending ladder.

For buying cheap  lets go here discount link


  1. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol – Chase’s Deluxe Cruiser

Chase turns into full size deluxe police cruiser when placed onto its doghouse. Right after this beautiful transformation it springs into action and starts rolling forward. Your kids will also enjoy the unleashing pylons and police lights. Get this amazing, spoonful deluxe cruiser for only $17.



3-Paw Patrol Lights and Sounds Air Patroller Plane

This amazing air patroller plane is a two in one fun toy. It smoothly transforms from helicopter to plane mode and comes with full volume sounds and bright lights. Its rotating propellers ease its transformation from helicopter to plane and if you are in mood of more adventure turn on its sounds and lights and enjoy your air rescue missions.



  1. Paw Patrol Super Pups Gift Pack, Wal-mart Exclusive

For all the kids who are pup lovers this exclusive pack of super pups is all they need to get through the day. This fun toy packet comes with Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Marshall. Just press the button and enjoy watching the transformation of each Pup Pack.




  1. Paw Patrol – Jungle Rescue – Skye’s Jungle Copter

No occupation is too enormous and no animal is too tiny to provide rescue. Presently you can re-institute new wilderness themed safeguard missions with Skye and her wilderness copter. You can now Race to the rescue with Skye’s copter and with its actual flying propellers. Together, your child’s creative ability will be lightened up with pup enlivened safeguard missions brimming with kinship, collaboration and dauntlessness. With Skye and her Copter you can now save the day. Reproduce your most loved adventures with Rescue vehicles and paw petrol toys. You can get this toy in just $21.99 from paw petrol toys wal-mart.




  1. Paw Patrol, Real Talking Marshall Plush

Presently you can bring home your most beloved Pup at paw petrol toys with Real Talking capabilities Marshall. You simply have to press Marshall’s identification to hear him talk straightforwardly from Paw Patrol show. It is Ideal for sleep time or in recess as Marshall accompanies you wherever it is that you want to go and helps you out on the greater part in your Paw Patrol experiences. You can get this paw petrol toy from wal-mart for just $19.76.




  1. Paw Patrol – Rocky’s Barn Rescue Track Set

Children love to construct their own tracks and they would surely love to reproduces their very own Paw Patrol missions with the help of Racer vehicles and Rocky Barn rescue track set. If it ever seems like that the farmer has forgotten to lock his farm and the animals have gotten out of barn and are moving on their own free will, it would be very hard to manage all those animals on your own. All you have to do is to stack Rocky’s barn rescue track set into the back of farmer Als truck and save all the animals from straying away and getting lost. Return the animas to the stables and close the fence so that you could keep the animals off the streets and safe in their farms.





  1. Paw Patrol Jungle Patroller, Wal-mart Exclusive

The Jungle Patroller is a definitive save vehicle and is ideal for ensuring that the Paw Patrol group can get to new wilderness experiences. Children can drive their Paw Patrol vehicles in and take off together for a shiny new experience. The Jungle Patroller accompanies Ryder and his vehicle and can hold three vehicles inside and can show six vehicles when open. You can watch simply like the pups on the show when you hear the Paw Patroller’s valid Paw Patrol toys sound impacts.




  1. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol – Rescue Racers 3pk Vehicle Set Marshal Rubble, Rocky

The main aim of this paw petrol toy is to teach your kid friendship, bravery and teamwork. Your kid can cruise with all his friends by collecting all the racers. Rescue racers 3pk vehicle set Marshal Rubble comes with real working wheels that would give your give the real experience of driving a real car. Visit the toys paw petrol wal-mart section and get this toy for only $69.99




  1. Paw Patrol-Jungle Rescue – Rubble’s Jungle Bulldozer

It is an opportunity to move with Rubble and his Bulldozer that climbs up and down, in addition to genuine working wheels for push play activity. Rubbles paws are pose able both on and off of his vehicle. Your kid can now gather each adorable Paw Patrol character and cooperate as a group. Pursue Zuma, Marshall, Skye, Tracker, Rocky and Rubble all have wilderness protect vehicles. The age limit for paw petrol toys: Paw Patrol Rubbles Jungle Bulldozer is 3 and up.




  1. Paw Patrol Lights and Sounds Air Patroller Plane

It would be exciting news for the paw petrol toys fans that the 2-in-1 Air Patroller changes from helicopter to plane mode for genuine Rescue Missions that your child might want to go on. The Air Patroller has genuine lights and sounds that give a real feel to the whole adventure that your kid is going on. Press the catch on top of the Patroller’s handle to enact the plane’s wings. You can fill up to 2 people or characters in the cockpit of the plane and a maximum of 4 characters in the cargo section of the plane. The Patroller plane accompanies a Robopup figure to pilot the greater part of your Rescue Missions and as it’s been said before any Extra figures can be put away in the Cockpit and Cargo Bay of the plane. Batteries required in running the plane are: 3 x LR44 which comes along with the plane.




  1. Paw Patrol, Adventure Bay Railway Track Set with Exclusive Vehicle, by Spin Master

Children will love the mechanized activity of the racer and adventurous missions with Rubble. You can use this paw petrol toys to unblock the passage when you pivot the passages railroad sign. Construct and alter the universe of Adventure Bay with other Roll Patrol Track Sets. The Railway Track Set components mechanized prepare racer, 1 scaled down pup, 2 self prepare autos, a self prepare station, 2 box cases, 1 moving gatekeeper rail, a passage. You can Clear the stone slide, bring down the watch rail, and get Rubble securely to the self prepare station by making use of this paw petrol toys. The age limit for using this paw petrol toys is 3+ years and for running of this toy it requires 2 AAA batteries which you would have to buy separately.





Paw Patrol Books, Great Rescue Against your Kid’s all day Sitting in front of TV

Paw Patrol Books | GeneralIy speaking if you are like me then,  you can’t let your kid just sit in front of the TV all day, as much as I would like to be able to work on other things around the house, I feel like I can’t turn over parenting duties to whatever show happens to be on. I want to read to my kid, but his attention span seems to want to fight me on that a lot.

All day sitting infront of TV  is not Good Here’s how Paw Patrol Books can Help

The tactic I have tried to employ is to buy books based off of the TV shows that he likes. Again like a lot of the Paw Patrol items for example paw patrol party plates out there, books have been in the marketplace for a while now which works out well for me. Like a lot of the books based off of TV shows much of the books are basically an episode of the show done as a story book. But it also looks like a couple of them might be their own stories outside of the show too.

The nice thing is that the few they have released so far are pretty cheap, since they are mostly in paperback, usually they can be found for around 4$. I did see one hardback book for 10$ which looked to be a bigger book and also included stickers, which can be fun. I also saw a Paw Patrol Phonics box set which is pretty neat.

Book Reading  Habbit

Book reading habbit is a habbit that you must work on. It can tremendously  transform the life of your child. They say

“Readers are Leaders” 

Negatives of Too Much Screen Period

First and foremost, the biggest downfall associated with too much screen time may be the element of passivity. That is, children are sitting around doing a sedentary, passive action, and they’re not relocating their bodies. Children and youngsters need to be engaging in daily physical exercise, and time in front of the screen means time from sports, outdoor activities or just energetic playtime.

watching tv so closely can have bad effect on eyesight
Children watching television

Obesity is another issue often tied to how much time our own youth spend in front of the screen. Often when children are sitting down in front of the television or with a gadget, they’re snacking – similar to adults mindlessly eat without having realizing their caloric intake. Having your kids up and relocating means getting them away from these types of between meal time munching habits.


Stifled creativity. Possess even shown that a lot of screen time for younger children may interfere with their creativity, simply because they’re passively receiving info and not using their imaginations. Unless of course there’s a call to action to make use of their minds more during the development, this could thwart innovation as well as originality.


Violence. Exposure to physical violence can cause desensitization in kids, as well as aggressive behavior. Parents ought to be monitoring how violent the information is being displayed on all those monitors, and curbing this at any time when necessary.

Reading these books to my kid usually works because he can see the characters he already knows and becomes engaged in the book that way.


I added the current Paw Patrol Books into the store page, but I’ll also add an Amazon search at the bottom of this page so you can see a couple of them now. Like always thanks for coming to my site and I hope you find what you are looking for.

More on paw patrol here  and if you want to get paw patrol coloring books,story books and paw patrol characters books  on special discount then  visit  paw patrol coloring pages 

PAW PATROL TOYS—Don’t Buy Until You Read This

Do You know the Importance of Toys in a Child’s Life?

Everyone knows the importance of toys in a toddler and then in a child’s life. No one can deny this fact that toys are one of the most important elements in a kid’s growth. But the choice of toys and the selection of right toys for your kid and according to his age group is very important.


Safe Toys for Young Children Are

Well-made (with no shared parts or splinters and do not pinch)


Easily cleaned

Painted with nontoxic, lead-free paint


Good Toys for Young Children by Age and Stage is an excellent guide at Naeyc.org if you want to select the age appropriate toys for your child

According to this website selecting safe toys for children is important and lots of such nice toys can easily be found right in your homes  for free such as cardboard boxes, even papers, plastic lids or bowls, plastic bottles and caps, and other  such things which can be real “treasures”  for children can be used in more than one way by children of different ages.


This website also suggests that not only safe but good toys according to age is also a must. You can discover the guide according to your child’s need right here  at https://www.naeyc.org/toys.

What Type of Toy your Child Rquires?

There are many kind of toys like educational toys, science toys, adventurous toys, Particular toys for special needs children like toys for autism kids etc.


Why Paw Patrol Toys are Becoming Popular  beyond Boundaries?

As our today’s topic is Paw Patrol Toys so just look at what kind of  merchandise they have and what’s so special about them?

Ryder a young boy leads the PAW Patrol. He wins every one’s heart with his wits and with a large collection of high-tech vehicles. Each paw patrol episode starts with some challenge and rescue adventure. Ryder, pups, adventure bay, trains, furniture, gadgets are all part of this famous series. So the things being presented in paw patrol show also are famous in real life in the form of paw patrol games and paw patrol toys and much more.

The major objections on paw patrol show is “gender discrimination”

People objected a lot that this show is male dominated, then voices raised that only one girl, now even another girl “Everest” has entered into the show but still objections and  people are criticizing “only 2 girls”. I really can’t understand that why we humans are so good in creating issues out of every non-issue. Small kids have no idea what is gender discrimination and blah blah, they just enjoy what they like.


I also read another article Cat Conway written by “Quit Pushing Your Gendered Crap on My Son”  and I think it’s important to share the article with you as being parents you must be aware of  all the sides of a picture.

The first 2 words of her article are “Enough, Already:”

She says in the article “I know I am not the only one tired of this. The absurdity of it from a girls’ perspective is increasingly documented, and is becoming more and more obvious.

Moreover she added that there is no such perfect kid’s show.  Every show  for young children has  one or more than one problems, paw patrol TV show is also one of them. She is right in many ways as I myself believe that this is the responsibility of media to create such cartoons and shows for young kids which help them in becoming a better human being later in life. Negative messages are dangerous for children. These days we see majority of TV shows/ cartoons are just for commercial purpose but lost the real value. They are sending wrong messages to kids.  It’s also the responsibility of parents to control what children should or shouldn’t see.

Just look at Cat’s view point on some other popular shows

“So yeah. The show is problematic. All of my son’s shows are problematic: Thomas and Friends is sexist, classist, and if you’ve seen Day of the Diesels, it’s not much of a stretch to see the allegory of urban decay and racism. Peppa Pig is utterly white middle class, and some white daddies I’ve come across don’t like the way poor old Daddy Pig is treated with such ridicule despite the character being such a know-it-all mansplaining blowhard. But my son likes them, and my partner and I have agreed that we are not going to rubbish things he likes, except for that one episode of Thomas and the bees because OMG those goddamn bees.”

Hey I think you also need  another view point on paw patrol episodes, Here’s How Buzz Feed Explains

But when it comes to gender debate  Cat answers this very clearly

“When I’ve say my son likes Peppa, people respond by asking, Isn’t that a show for girls? This irritates me. It’s a show about a girl. That doesn’t automatically make it a show for girls. Why can’t a boy watch a show about a girl? How many shows do girls have to watch that are about boys and expected to like it and shut up?”

paw patrol skye shirt

She further added that same goes with Frozen. Her son likes Frozen, it doesn’t mean if Frozen (The main character) is a female then boys can’t watch or like Frozen.

I appreciate Cat’s article as she raises real points and logically talked about both valid and invalid criticism.

Anyway critics may say many things about paw patrol show but the fact is that parents and children love paw patrol toys.

With every passing day the new toys are adding in this merchandise of paw patrol.

Paw Patrol Toys Are Finally Here!

Let’s look another article written by Jackie Breyer, editor-in-chief of top industry publications and in toy industry her opinions are respected. She had written an article in 2014 under this title “Paw Patrol Toys Are Finally Here!


Even before the toys were available in the market she predicted about the “paw patrol toys” huge success she has also reported the early craze and likes of paw patrol episodes among the kids in these words below

“Paw Patrol has been somewhat of an “underground” favorite new show with preschoolers. Lena, The Toy Insider Kid, says all the kids in her class watch the show, which airs every weekday on Nickelodeon in the U.S. The background: When trouble strikes Adventure Bay, these heroic pups are there to save the day, while learning lessons about friendship, safety, and teamwork”


According to her the very first Paw Patrol toys will be rolled out by Spin Master and she along with Lena already played with the toys

She also shared nice videos of her beautiful cute Lena

Jackie  was satisfied that Lena loved playing with PAW patrol toys but her only concern was the Skye related less toys.

paw patrol skye toys

Paw patrol toys have created enough buzz much before its proper launch

I tell you that there have been many more famous and popular toys since beginning but now this is definitely the age of paw patrol.  There is something special about these toys that kids and their parents both want paw patrol toys. If you don’t believe just look at the comments below to get an idea.

I am sharing some of the comments from the Jackie’s lovely article

Grand ma says

It’s really sad when such a great line of toys fall victim to greed. Paw Patrol toys are not available anywhere (at face value) because they have been bought up by people looking to sell them online for huge profits. Retailers like Toys r Us have nothing in stock and will not create wait lists. So, unless a parent or grandparent is willing to pay greed-driven prices, their little ones will not get these toys.

paw patrol toys brand new products

Don’t worry Grand ma soon I will solve this problem as I will search the best deals and coupons  everything related to paw patrol toys for you and  for every paw patrol lover.

Shari says

“Both of my children love Paw Patrol! My daughter is 2 and my son is 4. I was able to get all of the toys EXCEPT Skye! And of course, we purchased the Lookout. I had to resort in buying my daughter the plush Skye toy. You can’t even buy Skye with the pack of 3! Why are they treating Skye this way?! I check Target, Walmart and Amazon on a weekly basis. I even call around Target in different states and to no avail! I hope something becomes available by the time Thanksgiving rolls around :-)”

Tara says

I too am frustrated! My 3 yr old twins LOVE this show. We managed to find all of the rescue racers EXCEPT Skye and she is sold out everywhere! Naturally, she is my daughter’s favorite. I am really hoping to find her before xmas. If someone should find it, please pick me up one. I am in CT but will pay to ship it to me. Thanks.”

Yes Tara surely you will definitely get all paw patrol toys in the best possible prize, just keep following the upcoming deals and places to get best ever latest paw patrol toy range.

And you guys out there also don’t forget to follow the blog for the latest news, videos, deals and coupons on “paw patrol toys”.

And friends  let us know how do  you like the article? Do  share it with friends and family.

Source  ¨  http://www.thetoyinsider.com/


Images   Google.com


Parents need to know that PAW Patrol teaches preschoolers about citizenship and solving problems by way of a group of friendly rescue pups who team up to help neighbors in trouble. The stories illustrate for kids how different types of people and skills coordinate to get a job done, which touches on broader themes like respect and relating to people of different back grounds. All the PAW Patrol  episodes teach preschoolers about solving problems citizenship  by  friendly rescue pups in groups  who meet to help neighbors and those in trouble. Paw patrol stories show the children how nicely different types of skills and people team up  to complete a job or task. These stories indirectly also teach kids broader themes of life for example relating to human and respect for all kinds of  backgrounds people belong too.

Paw patrol is not just cute puppies playing heroes, but there’s significantly more to these paw patrol  stories than charming  cute little puppies in hero roles; its updates about tending to others and being bold when there is any danger

Every story of paw patrol opens with a youngster or a creature stuck in an unfortunate situation, and some of their issues could stress delicate children, however rest guaranteed that there’s dependably a cheerful consummation on account of the sweetheart pups’ dauntlessness and sympathy toward their neighbors.
According to most of the people the best thing of the show is how it presents the importance of mindful skill of  problem-solving. Rubble’s digging skills are awesome and  sense of smell of Chase’s keen and the entire team is brave and also teaches bravery to your kids. This doesn’t mean that these pups are trying to outdo each other in order to quickly jump to action. No they don’t rescue like this. So by watching paw patrol show it may not  happen that your tots can scale tall buildings to rescue  some neighbor, but they can learn  these same skills  that can help them handle  trivial  stuff like mess clean up  or resolving squabbles with  their fellows and siblings

Quality lesson paw patrol episodes teach every time
When anything is a miss in Adventure Bay, it’s all paws on deck , and the never tired team of paw patrol  is always ready for  the next  challenge. And they don’t fight over the importance of roles.

The best quality of this show is that your child will learn that in any danger or problem how to collect the thoughts by taking a moment and how to  find the best suited skills for any particular set of job. Moreover your kid will learn to support each other’s efforts.

Now this is my review on paw patrol and what other people and parent like you reviewed on different sites let’s have a look at those  paw patrol review and get a better idea of whether you allow your child to watch this paw show regularly or not?

AN educator and parent said

“Carefully engineered to appeal to little-boy interests.

Very toy-centric cartoon about a little boy and his team of dogs that drive city service vehicles (fire truck, police car, etc). Everyone over the age of 10 is totally incompetent, nobody is capable of speaking in a tone of voice other than “excited hollering”, the girl dog flies a pink helicopter because of course she does (girls should remain above the action and only engage from a distance, you know). It’s produced by a toy company to sell toys, and is generally lowest-common-denominator kid vid. It doesn’t have anything explicitly troubling – no violence, sexual content, or even anything resembling real danger, but it’s also loud, obnoxious, and not very good. Also, expect the usual subtle messages about girls (not as active as boys) grownups (not as smart as kids), etc.”



This parent below prominently dislikes the show in these words

“Mindless Mass Consumer Garbage for Preschoolers

As far as I can tell this show has practically no educational value. It appears to be a construction out of the mind of a market researcher. You can imagine a market survey asking parents what their child’s favorite things are. The results of the survey are as follows: 1) puppies 2) toys 3) rescue services (fire, police, etc.). ‘Perfect let’s go make some money….”

Then another parent of a three years said

Great role models!

The cute dogs and love able characters drew my son in immediately. He watches it repeatedly or demands we sing the song for him which can get old for parents but when he started telling me “good job!” Or says to the dog, “whoops excuse me!” we decided it was definitely worthwhile.”

So it’s interesting to note that most of the parents are quite happy with the paw patrol show episodes, but a few also are angry.  If you watch the show or planning to watch it in coming future then do let me know in the comments below.


Enjoy more  paw patrol free episodes 

Paw Patrol Episodes, Let’s Know Something You Don’t Yet

Today I am going to discuss a very interesting article topic  written by my friend chelsy  and it created a lively conversation of real parents. So let’s share it with my readers as well  because things are always fun when shared together.



Paw Patrol Episodes A Critical Look

She started  the article  addressing all the parents. she said that every one now a days is obsessed  with paw patrol for mny reasons. This paw patrol is now in our daily lives.  Kids love it, but we as parents also watch it daily.

She also told that  the favorite show of her children used to be  peppa pig  before paw patrol show  started.  her toddler ( just 2 years  of age)  become very excited just by hearing the paw paw theme song  and  he can’t say words properly at this tender at age so  he just say paw paw.

I am sure this baby looks cute and innocent  while  saying paw paw in his  not so clear accent.

She further added that  just because the boy say paw paw so everyone at home now say paw paw instead of paw patrol.

Her children fight over paw paw toys  and  when the show  goes on air all her kids  stand  right in front of the  TV screen  instead of  sitting comfortably on sofas, but one thing is mentionable that they don’t make any noise and just  see the entire show in absolute silence.


With the popularity of paw patrol episodes   her children like many other kids out there also  had  paw paw themed ( paw patrol themed)  birthday party. they also enjoyed all paw patrol presents and gifts.  Just  look at this excitement level of her toddler in this sentence  and  I really enjoyed reading ” He showed the paw patrol lunch box to everyone out there with keen excitement at his first day at montessory.”

Now  let’s discuss the topic  of the article that when adults see any kids program they immediately start  finding flaws and try to analyze kids programs according to their critical minds. Same happens with the author of that article that every time she watches the programs there are  few points to bother her, that’s why she wrote the article to ask other parents their view points on those points.

Let me share the exact points  about  paw patrol episodes  briefly. 

“1. Who gave the idea of paw patrol first?  I always think that when the original idea man gave the idea” i want to make a cartoon where all the dogs will run an emergency service” then what went down? Did some one say that your idea is actually rubbish? 

 original idea of paw patrol  who created paw patrol

                                                            2.    Why the Ryder the hero boy  not in school?
RYDER PAW PATROL3-    Why the Ryders parents are not careful about  their son and his growth? The most bizarre thing is that they don’t care for his safety too.


   4.  Mayor Goodway was elected by whom and she is  extremely  an incompetent leader  but no body bothers.,                                                       Mayor Goodway OF PAW PATROL 

5. What’s in the handbag?


6. Oh and yes why Captain Turbot ( actually the marine biologist)  not effective? captain turbot paw patrol



DOGS AND CHICKEN paw patrol 7. In paw patrol episodes the chickens are dump but dogs can talk, but why? 



 8. Also why  pup pup boogie paw patrolPup Pup Boogie  is so  catchy?  Always singing?



skye paw patrol   9.  The only one  beauty girl  and her name is Skye. Why she is just half the size of other dogs and why it is essential for her to be pink. Why Skye “paw patrol toys are less than other pubs toys?



  everest paw patrol10. People are saying that paw patrol tv media officials introduce Everest because of huge critism of public?



 everest-and-skye-paw-patrol11. Regional twangs of the dogs are confusing for me and please tell, do real dogs have regional accents when they bark? Is this the reason why skye has  Welsh accent? 

  9. Why is Skye the only official girl pup and was it essential for her to be pink and half the size of the other pups? Why are her gadgets crap compared to the boy pups? And why wasn’t she on any of the party plates and cups we bought for Toddler’s birthday?12. Why Adventure Bay is solely depending on  a 11 years old boy?  Why there is a lack of  competent adults?   



13.  One thing is so starnge that no cell phone or tablet ever run out of battery or charging. Moreover each and  every phone has enough signals even at remote places? 



 PAW PATROL RESCUE OPERATIONS14.  How a small boy named Ryder is running all the rescue operations alone without funds. If there are no funds then from where the heavy  machinery and other rescue operation stuff  come?  

Paw Patrol merchandise15.  We all know that paw patrol toys are hugely liked, but why the merchandise is so expensive and why the people can’t get their favorite toys from stores?


 paw-patrol-new-toys   16. Why they introduce new characters frequently . Is making more and more money is the real agaenda behind all these paw patrol characters?

17.  Every episode introduces new catch phrases  for example  no pup is too small, rubble on the double,  no job is too big,  etc. .  Who is behind inflicting these kind of catcH phrases in every household.

She invited people to openly share their opinions on these points  and what do they think on all those 17 points. Are they  just satisfied that their kids adore the ‘paw patrol”.  Her invite resulted in  meaningful  conversation  full of  interesting and super interesting comments.  Wanna  have a look on? Okay carry on  let me help you peeping through all those comments .

Imran said

“Kids love paw patrol and they dont know about these points!”

Opinion of Sana

“He hehe I also wonder on these points, but yes my kids are obsessed with paw patrol 😀

Peter said

One thing is clear that  according to research  yes, animals definitely  have local twangs! One research clearly shows that cows mooing differently in different United Kingdom locations”  So I hope I atleast answer one of your points.😀

Flors’s point of view

Though we don’t enjoy this TV show but as our 2 and 5 years kids enjoy this show a lot so we also sometimes watch and really I also think on these points many a times.

Betty shares her experiences about paw patrol episodes

Yes I admitt that my kids are also taking lots of inspirations by watching paw patrol and many such cartoons shows. children pick catchy phrases and accents and it’s very natural. We can’t stop them”

What Katrine says about name changes?

” My home has the most funniest situation as not only catch phrases entered into my home but all children call their granddad as Zoomer.

Look! Donald admitted the truth paw patrol  Show

“Yes! very true, in our house Paw Patrol is the current favourite .My two years daughter loves one cartoon character in such a way that I suspect that may be she has a crush on it” Anyway I also often think about the flaws in the plot of paw patrol.episode-paw-patrol

Sonia  also loves paw patrol

“Hey we all love paw patrol and many things they show about pups are true in real life dogs.”

Garner Crockford admitted that

” My 3 years daughter also loves this cartoon and most of the characters in this cartoon. regarding your number 11  point, I  can confirm that .”

Sumaira preparing for her son’s birthday

“My 3 years daughter also loves paw patrol and my 9 years son birthday is coming soon. He   wants to  celebrate  paw patrol themed birthday and wants paw patrol presents.

Safeer said

I just confirmed that Paw Patrol is in Toonmania. I tried about 10 episodes and they all started up great. My youngest loves this show

Tania expresses her views like this

Good lord, now I have the theme song in my head right now 🙁 My daughter is five and still enjoys watching it. Worse, every time she sees a toy or any characters from Paw Patrol, she wants to buy it. I’m impressed you know all about it though. I zone out every time it’s on 🙂 x

Well the above  comments are  just to give you an idea otherwise the original  list of   comments   is  long and is not possible to share all.  But you must have got th idea that every parent  has it’s own opinion, but  when it comes to paw patrol show and paw patrol episodes everything else diminishes and the only thing matters is that kids are in love with paw patrol and paw patrol related everything including paw patrol toys, paw patrol games, paw patrol coloring books, paw patrol birthday  parties and so on. It’s an age of media and what hits on media is  a hit every where.   And now what do you think  whether my friend  finds the satisfactory answers or not on things which  were bothering her about paw patrol episodes.

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