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Paw Patrol Coloring Pages, All Best Deals are Here

Well colors are the essence of life. People want colors in their life. Color full everything, even people now want colorful hair and for this purpose they are using “hair extensions” This post aims to help all parents out there to choose the best affordable paw patrol coloring books for their kids. Sitting all day in front of TV is not good at all. But kids love their favorite cartoon characters and these days kids are crazy about paw patrol. Then how can we ensure a healthy balance between TV and other activities. The best solution is to provide children with popular cartoon books and   coloring books. Today I am going to provide you the longest list of paw patrol coloring pages paw patrol coloring books and paw patrol character books available for your cute kids. But before we move to the list let’s have a   brief look on the important benefits of coloring so that you get the knowledge that how coloring books can have impact on your kids growth psychologically, cognitively and creatively.


Technology developments have faded the coloring and now it’s a bit of a back seat in children’s learning. This coloring activity may seem like a simple task but there are lots of learning benefits for kids to remain busy in the act of coloring .I  also have mentioned the eleven important benefits of coloring at the bottom.

List of   paw patrol coloring pages that are super affordable

Now let’s check the  best-selling and the most affordable  paw patrol coloring pages, paw patrol coloring books and other paw patrol books one by one. .

1-Crayola Mess-Free Coloring Paper and Markers, Art Tools, Great for Travelling

This is full set not just  paw patrol coloring pages

Main Highlights

 Enjoy the magic of color without creating any mess

  • Your favorite Paw Patrol characters and scenes with 15 mess-free coloring pages
  • Keep coloring pages and markers fully organized and  ready to go  for travel with strong  storage case
  • Color Wonder marker ink appears

Price: under $5


For girls and in English language

Dimensions:  10.00 x 8.50 x 0.12 Inches

2-All Paws on Deck!

Wow fabulous book with lots of pages and price is just unbelievable

Main highlights

You can   buy this book as a gift for your kids or any relative’s child. This book is loved by almost all Paw Patrol fans, therefore it’s just perfect. Your child will want to start painting or coloring  as soon as he unwrap.  Great buy

Price: under$ 10


 Pages:        128

Language: English

3-Puptacular Rescues!

It has more than 200 pages available  to color and over fifty  cute stickers, this jumbo coloring book  shows  the rescue pups  TV show from Nickelodeon’s PAW Patrol will give you  hours of entertainment for  your  young boys & girls ages three to seven. .

Price: under $5


Language: English

Pages: 224

Dimension:8.00 x 10.75 x 0.75 Inches

 4-Puppy Power!

Main highlights

Puppy Power is a fabulous paw patrol  coloring book with lots of Paw Patrol coloring pages because it displays all  positive traits of majority of  the Paw Patrol characters.

Price: under $5


Number of pages:  48

Language: English

Seller is Walmart                            

5-Paw Patrol Pups in Action Jumbo Coloring and Activity Book

Main Highlights

Draw happily  your favorite paw patrol character with the help of this Paw Patrol coloring book; It has  50 pages for coloring and  other activities; Awesome for children  on road trips; Also great for paw patrol  fans as it fosters creativity

  • Paw Patrol coloring book
  • Contains fifty pages of coloring and activities
  • Great for kids while on road trips
  • Nice for Paw Patrol lovers and fans
  • Sparks creativity

Price: under $5

6-Crayola Giant Coloring Pages Disney’s Paw Patrol

This is huge coloring book and your small kids will love the coloring pages of paw patrol characters in this book.

Price: under $5

 Dimension: 0.2 x 13 x 19.5 inches

7-Crayola Color Wonder Mess-Free Coloring Pages, Paw Patrol

Main Highlights

This art kit  which is available  with with  5 color Wonder markers that won’t color on your  skin, furniture, fabric and anywhere.Enjoy The magic of color without  creating the mess, Color Wonder marker ink only  appears  on Color Wonder paper, making it super fit  for on-the-go  or outdoor coloring or at any place where  mess can be a problem.

  • coloring book with Paw Patrol art with 18 pages
  • Contains five Color Wonder markers

Prize:  under dollar 10

 Other Paw Patrol Books 

I would also love to give you knowledge about other paw patrol books including paw patrol story books  and paw patrol characters book. Paw Patrol coloring pages and Paw Patrol coloring books also will be regularly updated so that you can easily get the best books for your kids.

8-The Big Book of Paw Patrol

This book is sold on Wal-Mart with easy shipping options.

Main highlights

Book mentions the members of the PAW Patrol, it also describes in detail what each and every member  is responsible for.

Price:  under $10


Number of pages   32

Language English


Though this is not coloring book but still makes great gift to any child, This is a paw patrol book of stickers.  Pubs to the rescue is sold by  Walmart.

Main highlights

This book Introduces Ryder and  his team of historic dog. This program is known as  television program “PAW Patrol,” The children will learn paw patrol characteristics, abilities, and favorite activities. With great customer reviews.

Price: under $5


Pages: 16

Language: English


Paw patrol character books

10-Chase Is on the Case!

This book is about paw patrol character chase. Chase is widely loved by some kids and their parents due to many qualities.  Book is great  for kids who just step into reading.

Main highlights

6 heroic puppies want to help Captain Turbot when he gets caught in strong and heavy fog at sea and therefore cannot reach the lighthouse.

Price:  under $5


The book has 24 pages and the language is English.

11-Itty-bitty Kitty Rescue

This is considered a great book for Paw Patrol lovers and  enthusiasts!. Kids particularly your under 5 years old really enjoy having you read this book to him. Makes a great gift to give as well.

Main highlights

After finding a lost kitten, the PAW Patrol works to keep her safe until she can be returned to her owner.

Price: under$5


The book has 24 pages and in English language

Seller Walmart

 Paw patrol story books

12-Holiday Helpers!

Full-colored storybook  highlighting and featuring your child’s favorite characters from TV show Nickelodeon’s PAW Patrol  and discovers the dutiful pups  while helping Santa Claus save Christmas, This is a  story book  but also  complemented by holiday gift cards, a beautiful  poster and far  more than thirty nice stickers.

Price: under $  10


Pages are 24

Language English

Dimension:  8.50 x 8.50 x 0.20 Inches

13-We Love Friendship Day

For Boys and girls from ages 3 – 7 will adore this storybook which is not only full-colored but also  featuring  PAW Patrol Nickelodeon’s. Moreover you will also get  friendship cards and more than thirty stickers.  This book is just perfect gift for Valentine’s or for any other special day!

Main highlights

A full-color storybook with all  the popular characters from Nickelodeon’s PAW Patrol finds the theme of friendship and is complemented by friendship cards and more than 30 stickers.

Price: under $5


Pages:  16

Language: English

Dimensions: 8.00 x 8.00 x 0.03 Inches

14-Chase’s Space Case

Main Highlights

Chase and the entirePAW Patrol have an out-of-this-world  strange adventure when they all  helped a lost alien to find his spaceship.  This book also Includes 2  sheets of shiny stickers.

 Price: under $5

Pages: 24

Language: English

15-The Big Book of Words

Main Highlights

This is perfect for kids both girls and boys from  ages three to seven because they   can learn words easily  from A -Z with paw patrol coolest characters! This color full  hardcover word book have teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, , SpongeBob Square Pants, PAW Patrol, Bubble Guppies, and Dora the Explorer!

Price: under $10

Pages: 48


 Dimension: 9.25 x 11.00 x 0.50 Inches

16-Puppy Birthday to You!

Main Highlights

The story illustrates puppies from PAW Patrol who want to celebrate a surprise birthday party for puppy Chase. They also deal with the aftermath of a strong storm that has left the entire Adventure Bay in a blackout. This book is excellent for an advanced Pre-K student

Price: under $5


Pages: 24

Language: English

 Paw patrol art kits

paw patrol coloring books 

17-Crayola Paw Patrol Superpups Doodle Box Art Kit

This Crayola Paw Patrol Superpups Doodle Box Art Kit displays  Paw Patrol of Nickelodeon’s and  adds kids’ favorite pup characters with  all mom’s’  super favorite  total  mess free  crafts  and arts activity! This  Crayola Paw Patrol set of art supplies for kids includes an eighteen page Paw Patrol/Color Wonder book & 5 Color Wonder Markers, so all spots and marks stay  just on the paper, not on furniture,  clothes or  carpets! The art kit also has  twenty standard Paw Patrol coloring pages, a   sticker  called Color-Your-Ownsheet, a print Mini-Stamper, and a cool  paw Doodle Box that can be  easily colored by your kid and available only at Walmart.


  • Paw Patrol Superpups  beautiful art kit for your child to use
  • Eighteen pages
  • Five Color ful  Wonder Markers

Price: under $20

Paw Patrol Coloring Pages

This is both for boys and girls and  age limit is 3-4 years

I hope you love this  list and  you will pick the right Paw Patrol Coloring Pages and paw patrol reading/story books  according to your kids best favorite. Do let me know if you want any further help regarding this longest list of  paw patrol books, including  paw patrol coloring pages paw patrol characters books.

paw patrol coloring pages


Paw Patrol Books, Great Rescue Against your Kid’s all day Sitting in front of TV

Paw Patrol Books | GeneralIy speaking if you are like me then,  you can’t let your kid just sit in front of the TV all day, as much as I would like to be able to work on other things around the house, I feel like I can’t turn over parenting duties to whatever show happens to be on. I want to read to my kid, but his attention span seems to want to fight me on that a lot.

All day sitting infront of TV  is not Good Here’s how Paw Patrol Books can Help

The tactic I have tried to employ is to buy books based off of the TV shows that he likes. Again like a lot of the Paw Patrol items for example paw patrol party plates out there, books have been in the marketplace for a while now which works out well for me. Like a lot of the books based off of TV shows much of the books are basically an episode of the show done as a story book. But it also looks like a couple of them might be their own stories outside of the show too.

The nice thing is that the few they have released so far are pretty cheap, since they are mostly in paperback, usually they can be found for around 4$. I did see one hardback book for 10$ which looked to be a bigger book and also included stickers, which can be fun. I also saw a Paw Patrol Phonics box set which is pretty neat.

Book Reading  Habbit

Book reading habbit is a habbit that you must work on. It can tremendously  transform the life of your child. They say

“Readers are Leaders” 

Negatives of Too Much Screen Period

First and foremost, the biggest downfall associated with too much screen time may be the element of passivity. That is, children are sitting around doing a sedentary, passive action, and they’re not relocating their bodies. Children and youngsters need to be engaging in daily physical exercise, and time in front of the screen means time from sports, outdoor activities or just energetic playtime.

watching tv so closely can have bad effect on eyesight
Children watching television

Obesity is another issue often tied to how much time our own youth spend in front of the screen. Often when children are sitting down in front of the television or with a gadget, they’re snacking – similar to adults mindlessly eat without having realizing their caloric intake. Having your kids up and relocating means getting them away from these types of between meal time munching habits.


Stifled creativity. Possess even shown that a lot of screen time for younger children may interfere with their creativity, simply because they’re passively receiving info and not using their imaginations. Unless of course there’s a call to action to make use of their minds more during the development, this could thwart innovation as well as originality.


Violence. Exposure to physical violence can cause desensitization in kids, as well as aggressive behavior. Parents ought to be monitoring how violent the information is being displayed on all those monitors, and curbing this at any time when necessary.

Reading these books to my kid usually works because he can see the characters he already knows and becomes engaged in the book that way.


I added the current Paw Patrol Books into the store page, but I’ll also add an Amazon search at the bottom of this page so you can see a couple of them now. Like always thanks for coming to my site and I hope you find what you are looking for.

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