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Zuma is a male Chocolate Labrador pup and the water rescuer of the PAW Patrol. His primary purpose is to rescue sea animals from underwater emergencies. Since his services aren’t often required, he is one of the least used members of the team.

Zuma is a chocolate Labrador retriever puppy, with a slight speech impediment where he can’t pronounce his r’s correctly. His main duties, as a PAW Patrol member, is anything aquatic (related to water). His main color is bright orange, given that he normally wears an orange helmet on duty, his jacket and pup pack are orange as well. His vehicle is a kind of speedboat called a hovercraft. Other characters that have been in Zuma’s hovercraft are Ryder and Chase, Marshall (in “Pups Leave Marshall Home Alone”), Julius Goodway and Justina Goodway (in the episode “Pups’ Adventures in Babysitting.”)
Zuma is all about the water! This Chocolate Labrador loves to laugh and surf. He lives in his boathouse and dives into action in his hovercraft. Zuma has lots of energy for any adventure in store for him!
Zuma is very laid-back and calm, though not as serious when it comes to duty as he is mature, but he is always loyal and has an abundant liking for Ryder. He and Skye are unusually very competitive with each other. Once, in “Pups Fall Festival,” Zuma and Skye even argued about who got to the elevator first.
Zuma is a Chocolate Labrador puppy. He has brown fur, floppy ears, and greenish yellow eyes. His collar is dark blue and has a tag that’s orange with a silver anchor symbol on it representing the sea. His gear is a bright orange water helmet along with scuba gear on his back.
Zuma has water/scuba gear he wears on his back like a backpack. It features with a flashlight as well. This valuable kit is used on underwater missions (such as “Pups Save a Goodway”). Zuma usually scuba-dives alongside Ryder, though he did so on his own in “Pups and the Trouble with Turtles”.
Zuma’s hovercraft can be ridden on water and land, including sand. Zuma uses his hovercraft in missions he gets picked in. In “Pups in a Fog,” Zuma gave Chase a ride to the Lighthouse. The vehicle number is 07.
As of Season 2 it has been shown that Zuma’s hovercraft can transform into a submarine. This was first shown in “Pups Save the Diving Bell.”—-
Pup Pack
In “The New Pup,” Zuma uses a buoy launcher from his pup pack to launch a buoy a
and get Jake’s frozen back pack.
Skills and Abilities
Zuma is an excellent swimmer and diver, with scuba gear that support him in his underwater missions, As seen in “Pups and the Ghost Pirate,” “Pups Save a Goodway,” “Pups Save a Walrus,” and “Pups Make a Splash.”


Rocky is a recycling pup. His main color is green. He is a hybrid/mix-breed Eco pup who always has something to fix a problem. Rocky uses his handy claw to pick up pieces that could be recycled and use them for other purposes.
Nick Description
Rocky is a mix-breed pup that always has handy resources. He’s an enthusiastic recycling dog with a thousand ideas and tools inside of his pup pack.
Rocky is a clever Eco-puppy. He reduces, reuses, and recycles anything he can find. However, Rocky has aquaphobia (fear of water). Sometimes, he has to face his fear, but he never seems to overcome it.
Rocky is grey with white paws, a white tip on his tail, and white tips on the fur tufts on his face, along with a darker gray circle around his left eye and two circles on his back. He has a black nose and orange-ish brown eyes. He also has a floppy right ear.


Rubble is an English Bulldog pup and the construction pup of the show. His main color is yellow. His truck looks like a bulldozer, modified with drills and other construction tools. It is revealed that Rubble is the youngest member of the PAW Patrol. In paw patrol episodes he reveals that he has arachnophobia, the fear of spiders.

Rubble is a gruff but a lovable English Bulldog that knows all about skateboards and snowboards. He loves to get dirty then jump into a bath. There’s no job Rubble’s construction digger can’t scoop up!

Rubble is not as he looks

Although he can appear rather tough, Rubble is completely opposite. He tends to be a bit emotional, and he is very soft for small animals, especially kittens (evidenced in “Pups and the Kitty-tastrophe”, among other episodes). He sometimes likes to call small animals cute names like “witty bitty kitty.” He loves to laugh and is rather playful. He also has a big appetite, as seen in “Pups Save the Treats.”
Before Rubble joined the PAW Patrol, he lived on his own, and it was hinted that he was a stray dog, which meant he had no home or family to take care of him. He met Ryder and the PAW Patrol when he was a little puppy. Rubble got himself stuck on a tree branch hanging over the ocean and was rescued by Chase’s net. After being fed, Rubble sneaked into Chase’s vehicle for a mission. During the mission, he showed his digging skills when digging through hard snow boulders in order to free Jake from them. Ryder later announced that they had found a home for him: as the Construction Pup of the PAW Patrol! Click here for more info.
Rubble is an English Bulldog pup. He has brown fur with a white belly that also covers most of his face with white fur. He has bright brown eyes and a tiny tail that can barely be seen. His gear is yellow and includes a yellow hardhat, which is typically used for safety in the construction business.


Paw Patrol’s Marshall represents the Fire Fighter/Paramedic in the group. Maybe it’s just me but he tends to be featured a lot in the show. Partly that’s because he functions sort of as the team clown. It’s a running joke.

Marshall is a Dalmatian puppy and it is one of the main protagonists in the Series PAW Patrol. He is the third member of the PAW Patrol and is the team’s fireplace pup, as well as the medic puppy as of “Pups Conserve Jake. His primary objective is to check for fires as well as extinguish them if necessary, and also to use his ladder in order to rescue animals from powerful positions. His secondary purpose, like a medic, is to use his Xray screen to check people for just about any broken bones or accidents, and to attend to them in case needed (even though this individual tends to go overboard with bandages.

Marshall is a dalmatian puppy who is seen to be ridiculous and clumsy. Despite all his silliness, he assists Ryder countless times throughout missions. His main colour is red, given that may be the color of his uniform (which normally features a fire headgear on duty), and puppy pack

“From the firehouse to his fire articulated vehicle, Marshall is a Dalmatian that is all action, easily thrilled, and the clumsy one of the team. The pups will always listen to Marshall say; ‘I’m alright! ‘”

In the PAW Patrol Marshall is the joker/clown from the group and tends to act silly and clumsy. He could be very accident prone and usually accidents into things such as the puppies at the Lookout elevator, which provides him the nickname “Bad Luck Marshall” from followers. He is very excitable, a little air-headed, and not particularly nicely co-ordinated. When he is thrilled, he usually howls.
In spite of his clumsiness, Marshall is really a loyal and brave person in the PAW Patrol and it has helped Ryder and the some other pups in several missions. Marshall is also very friendly, particularly to birds (e. gary the gadget guy. Fuzzy

Hey I havn’t add any picture of Marshall because I want you to draw marshall and send it to me.


I was  browsing Tumblr a  few days back and I saw that there  are so many nice gifs and pics and paw patrol toys related information on tumblr. While browsing the same I came across a cute Gif about Paw Patrol Character Chase. So I decided to write the bio of chase of paw patrol today. Lets continue

Chase is a German Shepherd puppy who is seen to be instead mature and serious upon missions. He is a police/security dog. His main colour is deep blue. This individual wears a police head wear and rides a police-themed car that he uses for quests. In Season 2, this individual also has spy gear.

 Short Description of Paw Patrol Character Chase


Using their police truck and megaphone, this German Shepherd Canine is an athletic natural innovator who likes to take cost. Chase may be on the situation, but he has to watch out for pet cats and feathers because he could be allergic.

Personality of  Chase of Paw Patrol


Chase, as being a police dog, is very adult, possibly the most mature from the group. He is definitely an innovator, and takes things really seriously when on patrol, though has his pros and cons. He can be very frolicsome when there are no quests. He and Marshall best friends and are competitive, however they do it just for fun. Throughout missions, he can show their emotional side, but this individual always denies it together with his serious side.

Chase Appearance


Chase , as shown in the collection, is a German Shepherd. He has brown fur covering his body, with lighter brown/tan fur on his face, and his paws. He has a lengthy beaver-like tail. When putting on his normal outfit, he has a blue police head wear with a yellow trim as well as black bill. His jacket and pup pack tend to be blue, with three yellow-colored chevrons on each side, generally the rank of a law enforcement sergeant. When wearing his  Super-Spy gear, he puts on a blue helmet, footwear, and a vest, all of which possess a lime green trim. His Extremely Spy helmet also has the visor when needed. His footwear have suction  which can be used to use as wall-walker.

Chase & Skye are they Fighting?


Do you like Ryder or Everest?

Paw Patrol Character Skye Insight

Let’s put some insight into paw patrol characters one by one

My First focus is on my son’s favorite character, today I’ll turn to what used to be the alone gal of the Paw Patrol. It wasn’t until a couple of episodes that Skye was the only girl in the bunch, then they eventually added Everest, although she doesn’t live with the main group at the tower (seriously though I can’t believe I remember all this stuff sometimes).

Paw Patrol Skye Best Pups Ever

Conclusion:  Paw Patrol Character Skye

Skye is a fun character, she’s totally unique among the group not only in the case of her gender. She is very upbeat and excited to take part in any of the rescues that the Paw Patrol has to make. She takes care of the flying rescues and has a pretty cool jet pack that she can use.Skye was included in a multi pack of figures we bought last Christmas, the one that I made the header of the site. So you can see her with the jet pack engaged. For whatever reason I have been using her to fight my sons spaceships recently, no idea why but he seems to like it.


Skye enjoys the same types of toys that the other pups have, some that are small and are basically just cars to drive around, some more advance that have a car but also a figure that you can play with too. Then of course a handful of plush, the best on being the big one that can talk. I’ll link a couple of them below so you can take a look. Again thanks for checking out the site and I hope you find the best Paw Patrol toys you can find.  paw-patrol-jumbo-action-pup