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The Importance Of Choosing The Right Online MarketPlace For Your Business In 2016

Choose  targeted  and the best  online marketplace, but why?

Before we talk about the case let’s have a look at what they say about  the right timing approach.







Ever wonder how some people seem to have all the luck? Whether or not you believe in luck, there’s something to be said for being in the right place at the right time

Discover what does it actually means? Simply get the answer in these pictures.

So you see the magic of  getting at the right place at the right time.  This era is about getting more and more from smart work, niche sites and online marketplaces are dominating because it saves sellers and buyers time. When you select the targeted online marketplaces for your products you don’t lost in the crowd. Whether you are a seller or buyer choose the specialized niche related online marketplace and see the savings and convenience of  your wise choice.










My Journey

Yesterday I had two meetings, one with the marketing manager Mr. Husnain Haider of Star farms. He is a wonderful person and talented too.  He connects farmers with Metro chain of stores in such a way that now farmers can directly sell their produce to metro instead of middle man. Also he arranges trainings to farmers regarding post production preservation of food in the most productive way.  He offered me dried mangoes which I tasted first time in my life and liked it. I am soon going to contact some entrepreneurs making dry foods to bring them on the hub to present all the nice buyers of dry food hub with healthy variety.

Second meeting was with Mr. Umer Pervaiz Malik of R and D youth skill development.   Actually I hadn’t expected the meeting so fruitful before I met him. He is like a mentor. The way he guided me about my startup was really worth appreciating. I will try to follow his guide lines. He is an inspiration for youth.


I am thankful to both the nice boys and will try to apply the useful connections and tips for dry food hub users.

Building a Marketplace—–Sharing My Journey with You

Staring a market place and then promoting it. It’s really difficult, But I couldn’t forsee such levels of problems and hurdles  when I started it.  Anyway I have decided to share this entire route with you. So that  in future if someone comes forward he/she should follow the success steps and avoid mistakes.

The website is almost complete though still dealing with frequent issues and customizations etc. Some people don’t like the layout and theme and want me to make changes in the look and beauty of my website.  I have read someone’s point of view on an Ecommerse website. He might be facing  a problem similar to me that’s why he said

“All too often, the process for getting the website off the ground in the first place can end up being so time consuming and expensive that by the time your site is finished thinking about making any additional changes is the last thing you want to deal with’

So critics please spare me as there are still lot’s  of problems ahead.

 Pay attention to websit’e heart instead of website’s face beauty.  I have big intentions when it comes to giving services, benefits and value  for the sellers and buyers  of dry food hub”


At the moment there is no buyer and seller at the hub. I haven’t told the world yet about  this dedicated dry food platform because I don’t know what should I do first?

Content Marketing

Google ads

Video marketing


Slides and blah blah blah

Oh should I  do this all or should I focus on serving you better, you tell?

Dry food hub has much value  to offer you, but I don’t believe in wasting hard earned money on too much marketing instead why not I offer you discounts, perks and affordable dry food items so that you will become happy and tell others about this exclusive market place.

I will soon announce big news.

This market place is going to offer  something innovative to it’s users that no online store or market place haven’t done this yet.